Forgetful Day

Today was a normal Saturday except I cannot for the life of me remember my debt card PIN.  Got up today and took the dog for a haircut.  Next I went to buy my parents some stamps and some  breakfast then I headed to Weight Watchers.  I knew I had a gain this week but I also know I need to get busy losing weight because my knees are killing me today.  After Weight Watchers I went to get my parents groceries and then worked on getting my dad’s medications arranged for the week.  He takes many prescriptions and physician suggested over the counter medications and vitamins.  I had to get some cash to pay the dog groomer to pay for our dogs headache and realize I couldn’t use the ATM because I can’t remember my PIN today.  Later in the day I thought maybe I remembered it and went to the grocery store for my own groceries and realized what I thought might be my PIN was not correct.  I hope I remember it tomorrow.  I use that number every other day so I’m not sure why I can’t recall it today.

It is a beautiful day in NE Florida today.  The sun is shinning and the temperatures are in the 60s so perfect.  Maybe I didn’t have enough coffee this morning so perhaps that is what is causing my memory lapse.  I think I go make some coffee.

Elderly Parents

Life can be very different than expected.  I’m a 55 year old married female. I work full time as a Manager for Medical Coding and Billing for physicians.  Both of my children are grown and moved out of state after they graduated from college.  It seems not too long after the kids moved away our parents started having heath issues.  First my husbands parent became ill and sadly both passed away.  My dad has many health issues and my mother has health issues so that can add stress with trying to balance work with attending to their needs.  I am very blessed to have a sister-in-law that is able and willing to take them to their many doctor appointment.  I am thankful to God for her.